Monday, March 2, 2020

Mug of the Month - West Tisbury Celebrates 100 Years

Here is a classic from the West Tisbury centennial - 1892 to 1992.  It is the youngest town on the island but still going strong at 127!  Here is a link to some of the town's history:

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Mug of the Month - Cape Air

Cape Air - "We-re your wings" - long time service to the vineyard from Boston and the Cape!
Great mug. 

Link to flights:

Cape Air

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Mug of the Month - MV Museum

The new (restored?) MV Museum is so fabulous.  The views are not to be missed.  Also they have a great mug!  Free on Tuesday evening and you can get passes from the library to visit.  See the current exhibits at: